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a Stargate Atlantis slash community

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This community is for the slash pairing of Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Peter Grodin from the Sci-Fi series Stargate Atlantis.

This pairing doesn't have a cutesy smooshed-together name and, really, we'd like to keep it that way. We'll stand out from the crowd. ::wink::

Please cut-tag all stories and spoilers. Linking to stories, etc in personal journals is permitted, but anyone using the term "fake cut" gets smacked with the Wraith hand from Rising. It's a link.

Keep posts on topic. Think before you cross-post, please. Management reserves the right to delete posts that are off-topic.

Anything (fic, vids, icons, etc) that doesn't contain Carson/Peter shouldn't be posted here. Gen that can be read as pre-slash is permitted, but only if it fits the pairing requirement. All ratings permitted (G-NC17 or whatever you use), but please clearly label your work.

All Siege/post-Siege fics must be labeled as such. Please. Stories with characters other than Carson dealing with *spoiler* can be posted at p_grodin as long as they're slash.

Crossovers and AUs are permitted if they fit the pairing requirement. Same goes for threesomes and moresomes.

No flaming. No trolling. No MPREG.